1. Our last sticker giveaway received such a great response that we decided to get you involved.  Enter our sticker contest for your chance to have your design sold on SatanCantStandMe.com and also receive a $200 Gift Code.  For entry, follow the steps below:
    2. 1.  Sign up for our Newsletter at SatanCantStandMe.com to receive official updates about the Sticker Contest
    3. 2.  Submit your unique “Satan Can’t Stand Me” sticker design to Info@SatanCantStandMe.com by July 18th. Title your email “Sticker Contest”. Artwork MUST be submitted in the supported formats: Bitmap (.bmp), Corel Draw (.cdr), Photoshop (.psd), or Illustrator (.ai)
    4. 3.  Let your friends and family vote on the best design!  Sticker with the most votes wins.  Winner will be announced on July 30th.